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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Breast Implants For A Cartoon

This is kind of funny. A cartoon artist is raising money to buy breast implants for one of his cartoons (20% of the money will be donated to charity).

The winning bidder will get to pick Tawny Skye's new breast size, as well as use her likeness in promotions for their business (although she will not do it topless). They will also receive bunch of stuff framed up pretty nicely.

The auction has all sorts of good info about this type of procedure.

Check it out over here.

1 comment:

Vicious Summer said...

This is an *awesome* auction! I wish I had the $500 to place a bid. I would definately use it to promote my lingerie site. Wouldn't that be an awesome gimmick and spokesmodel? Haha!