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Monday, June 20, 2005

Hypersonic Spotlight Sound

This is an interesting little gadget for sale on eBay right now. Here's the description:

Basically, this unit projects sound like a laser pointer projects light. If I were holding the unit 150ft away from you pointing it at the ground, you'd hear silence. If I pointed it at you from that distance, you'd hear crystal clear audio as if it were coming out of your own head. It's quite incredible.

The unit itself is one of the few that will plug into a standard American 100-110v outlet, and it also has both AV/RCA and XLR inputs, a mute control, and an automatic volume adjuster to prevent clipping or painful volumes.

I have successfully tested and used this unit. Here's just a couple of it's infinate home uses:
  • Have a backyard party at 4:00am with loud music, without actually disturbing your neighbors.
  • Talk to someone quietly and clearly from far away, call your kids from down the block.
  • A speakerphone without annoyance or feedback.
  • Watch television at full volume while your spouse sleeps in silence.
The list goes on and on.

This technology is not yet commercially available, and because of the potential for abuse, I'm going to bet that it will require guidelines or a license if it ever does become available to the public.

DO NOT BID on this auction if you plan to do the following:
  • Use the unit for abruptive advertising (to traffic or people passing by your store/billboard/etc)
  • Use this unit for malicious purposes (as a weapon or to make people think they're going crazy)


strawbuyer said...

Military applications boogle the mind.

Anonymous said...

This device will be terrific applied to mixing different musical instruments or sources and also its reproductive potential seems exciting

Sirius said...

Actually I was thinking about this type of device. This idea came to me when I was standing in front of my house looking at the highway just 15 meter ahead. I though of using sound to counteract the noise. Now that this has been invented, I shall look no further. Thanks for the review.

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