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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lunch with Warren Buffet

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is auctioning a lunch on eBay for the third straight year.

Proceeds from the auction, which runs from June 23 to 30, will benefit the Glide Foundation, a San Francisco non-profit organization that offers programs for the poor, hungry and homeless. Glide announced plans for this year's auction today.

Last year's winner agreed to pay $202,100 to dine with the world's second-richest person, while the previous year's winner agreed to pay $250,100. This year's bidding will start at $25,000.

As in prior years, Buffett will host the winner and seven friends. The lunch will be held either in Omaha, Nebraska, where Buffett lives and works, or in New York.


florence Snook said...

How to do you get the chance to have luch with Warren, maybe he would be so kind in giving my son Greg some pointers on how to get rich he is smart but he just can't catch a break thank you florence Snookhis e-mail is [email protected]

lopez said...

who is warren buffet u cant take money to your grave