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Saturday, June 04, 2005

More On eBay Acquisition Of

Stock market investors are a funny bunch... eBay decides to buy for $620M. Investors don't like it (okay, that's fine), but because of that, eBay's market cap (based on stock price) lost $2.5B. So in the short term, the acquisition of really costs eBay $3.2B.

Of course, the price will recover, but it's interesting nonetheless. Might not be a bad time to snap up some eBay stock.


strawbuyer said...

I don't play a stock analist on TV but perhaps it would be wise to remember why the investors don't like the acquizition before snapping up more of the same. Buying the NEXT target before the fact might be better.

Novajones001 said...
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Novajones001 said...

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