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Thursday, August 11, 2005

NorgArt - Painting With Breasts

Uhm, I'll just borrow the description for this auction, because it about says it all...

The artist of the world's first piece of NorgArt is an Australian university student in her early twenties. NorgArt is created by smearing the breast with paint and shifting the canvas around the torso to create unique textures and patterns, finer detail is applied using only the nipples. The result of this sensual foray into the world of contemporary impressionism is a beautiful arrangement of flowers in hot pink, sun-kissed yellow and sultry red, and is a unique and true celebration of female beauty.

What an individual piece to add to your art collection! Will the keen eye of an admirer detect the delicate brushstrokes? Don't delay, own the world's first example of NorgArt today!

Painted in acrylic on canvas, measuring approximately 41x41cm. Will ship anywhere in the world.


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