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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Michael Jackson For Sale: $199.99

Now you can have your very own Michael Jackson oil painting to hang in your living room. This is a museum quality piece of crap art that you will be able to cherish and pass down through the generations.

That's one scary picture that I really don't want staring back at me anywhere at my home (or life). If you want it, it's yours, bidding is currently at $199.99, and I don't imagine you will have much competition.


Web Development said...

Reminds me of Weird Al's eBay song

dsl tarife said...

this is tooooooooooo much...

Anonymous said...

i have a michael jackson record player for sale excellent condition "perfect condition" if anyone interested please send>envelope with address to

resident berryman
3313 tyler ct
lex ky 40509