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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pregnant Woman Sued Over eBay Auction

An online casino that had their feelings hurt because a pregnant woman refused to sell her belly as advertising space to them (she instead sold to Golden Palace Casino).

Even though people selling things on eBay are not obligated to sell to the highest bidder, they are going to piss and moan about it and sue the lady to try and get some free publicity (I'm not even going to list their name because I don't think they should get any publicity, but their domain starts with "sun").

Golden Palace has earned a name as the casino that buys all sorts of wacky stuff on eBay (Virgin Mary Sandwich, Grandfather's Ghost, Human Ad Space, etc.) Maybe the suing casino will get their publicity by suing people running eBay auctions.


Golden Palace Casino should pay her legal fees to get some more good publicity. Then when they win, they could solicit the service of Winn and Sims to help collect her newly found bad debt. :)


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