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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

eBay To Double Authorized Shares

In a regulatory filing, eBay is looking to increase the number of authorized common shares of stock to 3.6 billion. Isn't that exciting? No? Okay, I agree.

It's basically just to allow them to do a 2:1 stock split sometime in the future.


strawbuyer said...

I'm not Louis Rykhouser for Wall Street Week. This looks like a protective move, to avoid takeover bids, by dilution. As an Asian Mkt. expands, so to will ebays capital investment. It's also nice to have alittle cash around in case they might want to buy something. Like political influence maybe?

Anonymous said...

They Better do something as there sales online have plumped the last 6 weeks to where users are making them money and selling very little but it will start showing the toll soon as sellers will get the idea that they are fighting a loosing battle and will start looking for other ways to sell...just a comment for those who know I told you so