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Thursday, January 20, 2005

eBay Loses $13,072,585,200 Today

The stock market is a fickle creature. eBay announces today that they are wildly profitable (they made $205.4M profit in the last quarter), with income up 44%. So what do investors do? Everyone freaks out and sells eBay stock. Which makes the stock loose $19.72 of value per share. That means they lost over $13B worth of market cap today. That's crazy if you ask me.


Vicious Summer said...

Probably has to do with eBay greedily raising selling fees. They are going to lose sellers and I think they shot themselves in the foot with that one...

Shawn said...

They raise prices every year around this time though. People get up in arms about it for about a month... then everyone forgets and still uses eBay. :)

BobaFind said...

So would now be a good time to buy eBay stock?

Shawn said...

Beats me... but buy low, sell high is always good. If you think it will go up, then buy. {shrug}

Me said...

Don't you think that the Market Cap was pretty high to begin with? It might be a good buy if you don't mind waiting until Summer time to make your money back.

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