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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

eBay Raising Fees

eBay is changing their fees, effective Feburary 18, 2004.

Buy It Now fees will be as follows:
$0.01-9.99 / $0.05
$10-24.99 / $0.10
$25-49.99 / $0.20
$50+ / $0.25

10 Day Duration fee is being raised to $0.40 (from $0.20).

eBay Stores has a monthly fee of $15.95 instead of $9.95.

Closing Price fee will be:
$0.01-$25 = 8%
$25.01-$1000 = 5%
$1,000+ = 3%

Business/Industrial items changed to a flat $20 insertion fee for the following categories:
  • Agriculture & Forestry > Modern Tractors & Equipment (category #: 91952)
  • Construction > Heavy Equipment (25249)
  • Food Service & Retail > Concession Trailers & Carts (67145)
  • Healthcare, Lab & Life Science > Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment (92035)
  • Industrial Supply, MRO > Fork Lifts & Other Lifts (42915)
  • Manufacturing & Metalworking > Manufacturing Equipment (92080)
  • Manufacturing & Metalworking > Metalworking Equipment (92082)
  • Office, Printing & Shipping > Commercial Printing Presses (26247)

Gallery fees for eBay Motors is going from $0.25 to $0.35.

$5 reserve fee on eBay Motors.

$8 10-day listing for eBay Motors.


Vicious Summer said...

eBay is getting REALLY greedy and I think they are going to start see the backlash from it. They raised fees not that long ago and now, 8% plus percent of the closing price, plus the $.80 auction insertion fee, PLUS the ridiculous Paypal fees (Paypal was bought by eBay). So essentially, if I sold something on eBay for $20 it would cost me $3.30! That's almost 20% going into eBays pocket. That's SO lame (and did I mention greedy?!). I'm already experimenting with alternative auction sites such as

Anonymous said...

try they are cheaper than the others, and they are not greedy. they have over 25000+ categories, free registration, new users get $20 free posting credit.

Anonymous said...

That link is easier to read, but for those that dont like to click links, here are the fees.

No hidden fees, No hidden percentages.

There's no charge to browse, bid on or buy items at But you do pay fees to list and sell items.
Note - Fees pay for the right to sell an item(s) on You do not purchase any exclusive rights to a Web page on may, in our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you, place third party advertisements on any Web page within our site.

Insertion Fees
When you list your item for sale at, you pay a non-refundable Insertion Fee. Insertion Fees vary by the type of auction you choose:

Regular Listings
The Insertion Fee is based on the opening value or minimum bid for your item. However, Insertion Fees for Non-Binding Bid Categories are on a fixed schedule.

Reserve Price Listings
The Insertion Fee is based upon the reserve price of the item you list for sale. Insertion Fees are non-refundable.
When you list a Reserve Price Auction, you will also be charged a Reserve Price Auction Fee, which is based upon the reserve price. Reserve Price Auction Fees are fully refundable. At the end of the auction, if your item sells, the Reserve Price Auction Fee is refunded to your account.

Dutch Listings
The Insertion Fee is based upon the opening value or minimum bid of the item you list for sale multiplied by the quantity of items you offer. The maximum insertion fee for any Dutch auction is $40.

Opening Value
Insertion Fee
$0.01 - $9.99 $0.25
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $499.99 $1.00
$500.00 - $999.99 $2.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99 $2.50
$2500.00 - $4999.99 $5.00
$5000.00 - $9999.99 $10.00
$10000.00 - $99999.99 $25.00
$100000.00 - $999999.99 $50.00
$1000000.00 - $999999999999.00 $100.00

Additional Reserve Price Auction fee (fully refunded if item sells):
Reserve Price
Reserve Price Auction Fee
$0.01 - $9.99 $0.25
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $499.99 $1.00
$500.00 - $999.99 $2.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99 $2.50
$2500.00 - $4999.99 $5.00
$5000.00 - $9999.99 $10.00
$10000.00 - $99999.99 $25.00
$100000.00 - $999999.99 $50.00
$1000000.00 - $999999999999.00 $100.00

Buy It Now Insertion Fees:
If you choose to use the buy it now feature, The Insertion Fee is based upon the buy now value. The maximum buy now fee for any Dutch auction is $40.
Buy It Now Price
Auction Fee
$0.01 - $9.99 $0.25
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $499.99 $1.00
$500.00 - $999.99 $2.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99 $2.50
$2500.00 - $4999.99 $5.00
$5000.00 - $9999.99 $10.00
$10000.00 - $99999.99 $25.00
$100000.00 - $999999.99 $50.00
$1000000.00 - $999999999999.00 $100.00

Fees for additional listing options
When you list your item for sale, you can choose several listing options to promote your listing. Make it stand out and get more bids! These options also have non-refundable fees.

Title Enhancement
You can put the title of your item in boldface text or color in the listing pages.

Featured Auctions
Showcase your items and give them more visibility with either:
A Featured Auction listing, with your item appearing in the Featured Auctions section. It could also be randomly selected to appear in the Featured display area on the main Home page, in the Featured Items section of the category index page, and on the main category page.
A Category Featured Auction listing, with your item appearing on the first page of listings in the category of your choice. Your featured item may also be selected at random to be displayed in the Featured Items section of related category index pages.

Gift Icon
The Gift Icon appears next to your listing title on the listing pages to show bidders that your item makes a great gift!.
Gallery Listing
Featuring your items in the Gallery section where buyers browse by images.

Additional Options Insertion Fee
Bold Title $0.25
Colored Title $0.25
Featured Auction $19.95
Category Featured Auction $9.95
Gift Icon $0.25
Gallery Listing $0.25
Upload One File $0
Upload Two Files $0.10
Upload Three Files $0.15
Upload Four Files $0.20
Upload Five and Up Files (Per File) $0.25

Final Value Fees
At the end of an auction, you will be charged a Final Value Fee based on the final sale price (final value) of your item:

Final Price
Final Price Auction Fee
$0.01 - $9.99 $0.25
$10.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $499.99 $1.00
$500.00 - $999.99 $2.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99 $2.50
$2500.00 - $4999.99 $5.00
$5000.00 - $9999.99 $10.00
$10000.00 - $99999.99 $25.00
$100000.00 - $999999.99 $50.00
$1000000.00 - $999999999999.00 $100.00

Regular and Reserve Auctions (when the reserve has been met)
The final value is the closing bid. Remember, there is no Final Value Fee charged if the reserve is not met.

Dutch Auctions
The final value is the lowest successful bid, multiplied by the quantity of items you sold.

You will not be charged a Final Value Fee if:

There were no bids on your item
If there were no bids that met your reserve price for your Reserve Price Auction
But you will be charged a Final Value Fee:

Whether or not you consummate the sale with the buyer

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