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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Frank Must Die

A lady soliciting donations on eBay for her son's cancer treatment had the auction canceled by eBay because it violated certain eBay terms. But the auction is back online, but does not mention donations.

So far (in just a few hours), there has been 28 bids with the top bid being $5,000.

Check out the auction here.

BTW, "Frank" is the name of given to the tumor, not her son's name. :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah -ebay said they would let her re-list if she changed the wording - I think they only did that because they didn't want to look like the bad guy - though if you search ebay - there are numerous other auctions soliciting money. I think it's a neat idea. A mom with her only child dieing of cancer - there's no limit on what one might do to help them. Though I saw some nasty comments on the website from people who really should just keep quiet if they don't have anything nice to say. This family is going through enough without a handful of people showing them how ugly people can be. What's with the nasty comments- one woman even said she should let her son die in peace or she should stop bad mouthing ebay - "Oh, excuse me" - I saw the report on several different news channels and not once did they say anything nasty or negative about ebay - they even admitted that they violated some of there policies - some people I guess are so miserable with their lives they have to add to someone else's pain in order to feel good. pretty sad.

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