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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jackon's ex-wife to sell ring

Michael Jackson's ex-wife (Debbie Rowe) plans to sell her wedding ring on eBay soon. It's a 2.13 carat diamond round-cut that Michael Jackson bought in Sydney Australia.

BTW, who in the hell is Debbie Rowe? How many times has Michael Jackson been married? I did a little poking around with Google and I guess Debbie Rowe was a paid surrogate mother for Michael Jackson that he later married. And now they are battling for child custody.

I can't think of any stranger guy in the world than Michael Jackson (that doesn't have to do with anything, but I had to write that). :)


Surfing San Diego .com said...

That ring is cursed ... no thanks :)

Vicious Summer said...

Actually, Debbie Rowe used to work as a secretary in Michael Jacksons plastic surgeons office. So, poping out a couple of kids for MJ was proabably a pretty lucrative career move!

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