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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Missile Launcher For Sale

Some guy in the United Kingdom is selling a missile launching vehicle. It's a Russian, short-range missile launcher (FROG-7). The thing is so big it needed to be built with fiberglass parts on a titanium chassis.

The beast only has 2,200 km on it, and is getting a new paint job (complete with Russian logos). Would be interesting to see it painted up with the old U.S.S.R. sickle and hammer, with a missile loaded on it, driving down the freeway. heh

Apparently the guy was also selling a missile to go with it, but it violated eBay's listing guidelines so he was forced to remove it. The interesting part is it didn't violate eBay's guidelines for what you would think (it being a fully functional missile that could deliver weapons of mass destruction). Instead, it violated eBay's rules because he was selling the missile and the missile launcher on the same auction and should have been listed as a separate item.

So if you are wanting to start your own little mini army, you can add a missile launcher to your arsenal (and contact the guy privately if you want a missile to go with it). Alternately, you could build your own with an Apollo nose cone starter kit.

Anyway, if you want to buy this thing, do it here (and send me a picture of it after the paint job).


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