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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Babies For Sale On eBay

A Chinese internet user set up an online auction for babies on eBay Eachnet, the China arm of C2C internet firm eBay.

The online auction was posted on October 16, offering babies younger than 100 days from central China's Henan Province, one of the country's poorer regions. Baby boys were being sold at a minimum of $3,469.64, while baby girls were being sold at a minimum of $1610.90.

The posting has since been removed, an eBay (China) official said Thursday.


emmalou said...

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Mike Dammann said...

NO, emmalou, it doesn't interest us. But it's good to notice that ebay took charge and removed that auction.

Mandy said...

Selling kids on Ebay. Now I think I've heard it all. Makes me wonder though - if they went so far as to sell it on Ebay - and got kicked - where will they sell those kids next?

Here's a message for ya: Birth Control!

harris2004 said...

Yeah, I got a few for my own