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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Prince Charles' Love Letters

Love letters allegedly sent by Prince Charles to a mystery girlfriend have been put up for sale on internet auction website eBay.

The letters, owned by Los Angeles-based royal collector Alicia Carroll, were on offer on for £34,000.

One of the letters was said to be written in June 1980 - a year before he married Princess Diana.

The other five were sent in 1976 when Charles, who was then serving in the Navy, was regularly linked with a string of women.

In the 1980 letter - said to be written on official Windsor Castle notepaper - Charles complains of his frustration with the Press and not being able to sneak ladies into his hotel room during royal tours.

He refers to the pressure on him to wed by writing: "I shall just have to get married as soon as possible and then all these people will relax a little."

Another dated July 6 1976, when he was serving on HMS Bronington, expresses his desire to meet up with a girlfriend when his ship visits Canada.

"I wish I could come roaring across the Atlantic to make you feel less lonely," the letter says.

"I do hope you will be there because it would be glorious to have a chance of being alone with you for a moment."

A seven-page letter sent two months later apologises for his failure to meet in Canada.


ebay startpage said...

Reallllly why would anyone pay that sort of money for something so boring and useless.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone buy half the stuff that is sold on ebay? my kid...blah blah

Anonymous said...

Only reason I'd buy it would be to sell it for more to the press, they eat that crap up.

jeson Fellop said...

I don't know why my hankercheif is on sell on ebay. Ohhh... they seee the title " "Prince Charles' Love Letters"

advertising professional said...

people are strange!!!
i got a lot of love letters too.
just tell me how much they bid!

umzug said...

i´ll pay £100 for your letters.

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