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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bambi In A Bottle

Hmmm... interesting.

Bambi in a bottle is a preserved deer fawn in a one gallon jar. This fawn is the real deal. If you didn't get your deer this hunting season, don't worry, bring yours home in a bottle. "Bambi In A Bottle" for the unlucky hunter or discriminating collector. Not for human consuption.

The high bid is currently $76, with about 24 hours left to go.

Check it out over here.


Anonymous said...

This is sick and I think that it should be stopped. It's very cruel and if someone is buying it that person has some mental problems.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please take this down--this person should be reported to the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Thank god it has been taken off ebay. But the mere fact that someone did it is a sad statement on humanity.

Deborah said...

Cruel and sick.
Seller should be banned.

Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Does he do puppies?

Anonymous said...

people just don't understand real life money money great job

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. This is a scientific specimen. My 7th grade science teacher had fawns, piglets, and puppies all preserved in jars in his classroom.

Anonymous said...

we consume every part of a swine (except the offal) and you are gonna whine about pickled venison!? The more you let it age the more tender the meat becomes and falls off the bones like hocks or pig's feet. No MSG, no BPAs, no trans fat or diglyco whatevers...just good ol salt, vinegar and dead baby deer (usually the result of harvesting a pregnant doe, if yer lucky she'll was carrying twins!). Since they weren't born yet you don't even have to gut them to remove the offal. And according to current US law, IT IS NOT illegal to harvest an unborn fetus before the first trimester.... welcome to america. Kinda makes ya wanna commit homicide, huh!

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Richard Hafner said...

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