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Monday, July 11, 2005

Alien Abduction

This one is funny enough that I'll just give you the auction description...

Have you ever wondered about Alien Abductions? Have you ever wanted to be abducted by an alien? Do you want to go on a fun space ship ride? Do you want to see how how other galaxies are? I have been abducted so many times. The first time I was abducted I was scared. I didn't know what to expect but I became very friendly with the aliens. They are not here to hurt us they are very friendly and nice. I have seen so many things that is so unreal and hard to belive but is true. There are items that I was given that is thousands of years away from even starting to have here on Earth. I am waiting on permission from the higher ups if I can put anything like that on here. If I get the ok you will see it on here. I got the ok to do a UFO advertising. It will be the 1st in this WORLD to do. That will be going up next. I know there are people out there that want to be abducted so I decided to put this up on here. I got permission from them. I would never do this without there permission. Now to be clear on what you will be bidding on AND receiving. You will be bidding on to be abducted 1 time with the possibility of being abducted more times. You will be able to fly in a spaceship and meet the aliens.

Check out the auction here.


Angie said...

I am agog. I am doing a report for class on eBay as a form of mass media, and came across your blog. This auction pretty much takes the cake. I don't know what do say other than "Beam me up Scotty". Oh wait - Scotty's dead! I'm stuck here!


I was awaken by the feeling of an electric current running thru my body. I was feeling extremly thirsty. I opened my eye lids to see a lamp and inside the oval shape lamp was the brightest light but it didn't hurt my pupils like looking into a headlight of a car. As I tried to poke the ball with my finger the electric current traveled thru my body even stronger and I could feel even a stronger surge causing my to push my arms down and my eye lids where forcing them to be closed. I tried to fight and then I couldn't even move and as i started to become more and more unconscience I just thought try to remeber when I wake up again. I couldn't sleep even when my eyes closed and I wanted to get up but I couldn't I was trapped and I shiver even as I remember that moment. I started to have wierd reactions like telepathy, I cannot move objects but sometimes I can think that I want someone to do something and they do it. I haven't told anyone except I asked my mom if she experienced anything strange like being trapped ever. OR, Maybe just a bad dream. As trying to type I started to feel the same electrical for that restrained me. Its like I am not suppose to say nothing. Or maybe Its just something else like a sick feeling to my stomach telling anyone about this experience and getting into some serious story. My goal is simple. I only want to find someone with my same experience to see if maybe it wasn't a dream. It was to dam real to me.


I think it was an ubduction that I experience. I cannot be sure. My whole life is like sort of a mystery. I am 31 and poor. I live with my 6 year old son and his mother. We are not married. I love her like we are. I wake every nite at 3. I am not crasy....I am sane I have to go....sorry to bother anyone....I need to grow up for once and take care of my 6 year old son. I feel like a failure...and at the sametime I know I cannot give up.......I cannot give many people demend on my and look up to me. See Ya.

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