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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

eBay and SkillJam

eBay is to launch a new service that allows its members to compete in online skill games for cash prizes.
The online auctioneer has partnered with SkillJam, a gaming subsidiary of Fun technologies, to offer its users a selection of multiplayer skill games.

Starting in October, SkillJam will offer a selection of co-branded games on eBay, which will be advertised within relevant areas of eBay’s online marketplace.

For example, a user looking to buy a chess board may see a pop up inviting them to play a game of online chess on eBay’s gaming section.

Users will be required to pay an as yet unspecified fee to play the games online, which give them the opportunity to win prizes.

SkillJam develops and distributes private-label gaming solutions for several clients in the US and abroad, including AOL, MSN's and Disney's Its most popular games include “Zuma”, “Bejeweled” and “Dynomite”.

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strawbuyer said...

Skill Jam will be a redundancy at Ebay.