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Monday, July 04, 2005

Justin Timberlake's Puke

The latest rumour flying around is that Justin Timberpants – he of the snake hips and pencil-thin A-list girlfriend – threw up in his OWN restaurant.

Hotly denied by the star, the gossip-mongers claim he was chowing down at his Chi eatery in LA but couldn’t make it to the bogs in time and chucked up on the floor.

Health and safety would surely have something to say.

America’s Star magazine makes the stomach-churning claims, saying a source said, “he really overdid it, he partied until he puked, right there at the bar”.

But Up-Chucky Timberlake denied it all, and the New York Post was informed by his people: “That's not true. I'm sure he's thrown up in his life before, but not at that restaurant."

In an amusing aside, Star magazine said staff at the restaurant were allegedly discussing how much they would get if they flogged his vom on eBay.

1 comment:

Blog Party Blog said...

I wouldn't doubt it. Disgusting or not, it's the world we live in. Their **** does not stink :)