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Friday, March 25, 2005

Noah's Ark

If you ever wanted to load up a bunch of animals on a boat and sail around the world (without needing to refuel), now you can!

This guy spent 15 years building a 98 foot boat by hand (it's 90% finished). I'm amazed a boat nearly 100 feet long stood in his front yard for 15 years without his homeowners association getting on his case. :)

Truthfully, if you go check out the auction, there are lots of pictures, and it's a pretty impressive feat this guy built this thing single-handedly.


Anonymous said...

Guess Ebay doesn't belive in Noah's Ark,,or they just didn't like the pictures as they have removed it from there great sinking servers

Anonymous said...


Steve K said...

I absolutely love the read. It reminded me of using mathway free and that was just plain awesome!