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Friday, March 11, 2005

Ozzy Osbournes Front Door To Go On eBay?

Ozzy's childhood home in the United Kingdom has become a pilgrimage destination point for crazy fans. The front door of the house is constantly being vandalized, and now the current owner needs to replace it. So what is he going to do with the old one?

Sell it on eBay of course!


jaguaress said...

Hi Shawn, This is not about Ozzie's front door, but to tell you I love your posts about Ebay! I have your link on my website front page and think you are great!

Shawn said...

It's sort of his door... The door on a house he used to live at. I'm sure some Ozzy stalkers will snap it up. heh

jaguaress said...

They surely will! I Sell on Ebay-vintage legit stuff...I am really hoping to come across something that will interest Golden Palace! btw , I LOVE OZZIE!...NOT going to bid on his door ...:)