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Friday, March 11, 2005

Trading Human Body Parts On eBay

eBay has disallowed an artist to sell their paintings that were drawn in blood because it violates their terms about not selling human body parts.

Seems like a bit of a stretch to me. Plus, what ever happened to this auction? It wasn't canceled... which seems kind of hypocritical to me.


Anonymous said...

Shawn, can u tell anything about that "Pope Car Auction"? Cannot find it anymore ineBay.
My question is what the highest offer was.
thx in advance.

Anonymous said...

I want to sell my body for research for use after I die. I'm doing this to pay for my educational expenses. Can anyone tell me who to contact?

Anonymous said...


How much are you asking? Are you terminally ill?

Anonymous said...

I am 33 years old male ,healthy but sick of life . I want to die so if you need some body parts i will sell you mine. Money up front then you get me in 30 day dead or alive.

blakey said...

how much you after mate?

wronyway said...

About to lose everything i have.
well sell good kindey. to save someone life. and help me out also